BIG BLUE LIVE Screening at C2G Music Hall

PBS39 is sponsoring a free community viewing party of BIG BLUE LIVE at C2G Music Hall August 31st through September 2nd. Open to all ages, seating is first come, first serve, this three night event opens its doors at 7:00 PM each night and runs from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm, with a discussion led by Dr. Paladino held right after each screening.

BIG BLUE LIVE follows migrating marine creatures as they congregate in Monterey Bay to feed off the coast of California as scientists, filmmakers, photographers, animal behaviorists, and other experts gather to film them live. This live television event will be broadcast from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary vessels, and shoreline locations.

Several experts join as on-air anchors and correspondents, such as Dr. Sanjayan, the senior scientist at Conservation International, Dr. Joy Reidenberg, comparative anatomist and marine mammal expert, and Liz Bonnin, UK-based science broadcast journalist.

Joining the on-air anchors, Dr. Frank Paladino will be the in-studio host and leading the post-show question and answer about each screening. Recognized for his research with sea turtles, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Sea Turtle Society and is currently the President.

Episode 1 follows whales, sharks, and various birds as they migrate into Monterey bay and mingle with residential sea otters, sea lions, and other species. Episode 2 dives into sea lions and the rejuvenation of the bay via sea otters, joins a scientist studying shark migration, and studies white shark and elephant seal anatomy. Episode 3 goes on the search with the team for the blue whale, and Dr. Reidenberg and Sanjayan explore these creatures on a closer level.

Check out the website at PBS for more information, and join the community at this free screening.

Poster advertising Big Blue Live event with Blue Whale arching backwards over the ocean in the background

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