City Coyote, Country Coyote

Coyote image from Indiana DNR

Although few see them, coyotes are a common urban and suburban resident in many areas. They are the largest predator in the area, though that is mostly leg (they are only marginally heavier than a big raccoon). For me, they are a breath of wild in tame Fort Wayne, but for others they are cause for concern, and although they pose virtually no danger to us, they do take small pets on occasion. And, like raccoons, they will partake of any pet food left outside, and get into trash that is not properly secured.

Responding to these kinds of concerns, the Indiana Division of Fish & Wildlife will present a panel to discuss “Living with Coyotes”, covering topics such as coyote biology, behavior and options for dealing with urban coyotes. The panel will include a variety of state biologists and an animal control operator.

The event  will be held February 25 at the downtown branch of the Allen County Library, 900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne, from 6-8 PM.

Although the event is free, registration is required by February 24. To do that, go here.

For further information, contact Diane Day, (317) 234-8440,