Riverfront Fort Wayne Big Reveal Scheduled

After a year of meetings, discussions and brainstorming, SWA, the consulting firm leading the Riverfront Development Project, will present their final vision of the Fort Wayne’s future riverfront downtown. Very exciting.

The February 4th event promises to be informative and fun. Looks like a party!

The ERC has been involved in the activities. Robert Gillespie is serving on the Utilities Subcommittee (includes ecological “utility” afforded by green spaces like right of ways) and Bruce Kingsbury on the Parks Subcommittee.

As an outgrowth of this endeavor, the City asked ERC director Bruce Kingsbury to lead an investigation into the feasibility and composition of a prominent part of the development plan, an urban ecology center! What a cool possibility for Fort Wayne.

Find out more about the whole process at the Riverfront Fort Wayne website.