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Invasive species monitoring app released

Recently a new app has been released through Ohio State University. The free app is usable on iPhones and iPads. For the environmentally inclined, the app can be used to report sightings of invasive species to a research database. The goal of its developers was to make invasive species monitoring easy for the public.

Here is a full article on this development.



Invasive Asian carp can reproduce in variable habitats

Research by Reuben Goforth, assistant professor of forestry and natural resources at Purdue University, indicates that Asian carp can reproduce in a wider variety of habitat than was initially thought. Goforth’s research suggests that the Asian carp can spawn later in the year than expected and in shallower water than in their native Asian ecosystems. These findings make preventing the spread of Asian carp all the more critical. Click this sentence¬†for more details.

Researchers pursuing ways to remove invasive Asian carp from Midwest

Scientists at Purdue University are exploring ways to reduce the impact of invasive Asian carp in Midwest waters. The fish compete with local species for resources and their invasive relatives can be a nuisance to humans as well. One researcher analyzed the effectiveness of applying electric shocks to fish embryos, and discusses his findings.