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Flow the St. Joe

The St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative and Fort Wayne City Utilities are sponsoring the “Flow the St. Joe” canoe/kayak trip on Saturday, October 3rd.

This recreational paddle and self-guided tour of the St. Joseph River runs from Spencerville to Leo-Cedarville, and lasts four to five hours. Registration is $20 per person and includes transportation to launch, lunch at the rest stop, and educational materials. They also have an arrangement with Fort Wayne Outfitters or Earth Adventures if you need to rent a canoe or kayak.

Visit the event link for more information and to register: Site to register.

Downtown Stewardship Center concept gets some MORE press

Pathway running over vegetation and water towards a line of buildings highlighted by sunlight with a clear blue skyHow would you like to have this in Fort Wayne??




For an update on this thread, check out this nice piece by Lisa Ryan of WBOI, or local NPR channel.

Fort Wayne Riverfront Development Could Include Environmental Center

The ERC’s director Bruce Kingsbury is working with the City of Fort Wayne and others on the concept of a downtown facility focusing on environmental stewardship and sustainability. It is proposed as part of the Riverfront Fort Wayne Development and would help the community pursue the goals of enhancing the economy, providing additional recreational opportunities, and protecting and restoring the rivers and other habitats.

For previous coverage, read the recent article in the News Sentinel here.

Riverfront Fort Wayne: Get Involved

Want to help shape the future of Fort Wayne?

Representatives from the city-sponsored Riverfront Fort Wayne project are hosting two opportunities to do so. Officials and architects invite the public to join them on a river walk to discuss visions for the future of Fort Wayne’s riverfront development. The tours will be held on Monday October 6 and Tuesday October 7. Come on down!

Please see details on this flyer.

(Riverfront development study area, City of Fort Wayne)