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Share the Trails: National Trail Day hosted by ACRES

2016 Conservation Camp

The 2016 Conservation Camp, hosted by the Fort Wayne Chapter of the Izaak Walton League, is now open for registration until May 30th.

The camp is held at the Izzak Walton League facility and is geared towards children ages 6 – 15. The camp runs from June 20 – 24 during the afternoon with an optional family overnight event that Friday. There is also a Counselor-in-training program for teenagers age 16 – 17.

This day camp focuses on discovery and exploration of the natural world, with hands-on, outdoor learning. Activities include nature programs/speakers, archery, fishing, hiking, conservation projects, and outdoor living skills. Spaces are limited, though!

Fees are $78 for member’s children and grandchildren, and $88 for non-members. Contact Jackie Dispenza for scholarship forms.

For registration, please see the Camp registration brochure linked here: camp registration brochure 2016.

You may e-mail the completed application or snail-mail it to:
Jackie Dispenza,
12621 Leo Rd.,
Ft. Wayne, IN  46845.

If you have any questions, call Jackie at 260 449-3244 or Heather Hoover at 260 418-1407.

Leopard and Cricket Frogs Thrive in Local Wetland

The creation of Eagle Marsh has allowed populations of both leopard frogs and cricket frogs to thrive. Both these species have been subjected  to habitat loss and exposure to agricultural chemicals, which has dwindled their populations. The northern leopard frog is a species of concern, while the cricket frog has experienced population loss across the Midwest.

Amphibians as a whole are threatened across the globe, facing habitat loss due to wetland drainages, pollutants in their aquatic environment, and disease. Salamander chytrid is the most pressing of fungal diseases for American salamanders, prompting U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service preventing the import or inter-state transport of 201 different species of salamander, including native species for the first time ever. This rule hopes to prevent the introduction of salamander chytrid into American populations.

But conditions of Fort Wayne have given a hope for a local population boost for all amphibians. Eagle Marsh provides a protected habitat where amphibians can survive and reproduce in a stable wetland. Read the full news article here:

If you are interested in helping monitor these local frog populations, FrogWatch USA is holding volunteer training sessions at the Fort Wayne Zoo.  See this link for more information: