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Carmel’s GOP Mayor is a Champion for Green Living

An aerial view of Carmel, Indiana.

Carmel, Indiana’s six-term mayor, John Brainard, has served as mayor for two decades and has seen the city triple its population, as well as expand its sustainable living opportunities. The mayor has also served on President Obama’s climate task force, one of only four Republican members and one of two GOP mayors on the task force. He has a made a career out building up Carmel, Indiana for a sustainable future.

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Celebrate Sustainability Tonight at the Auer Concert Hall!


Parts of the local Indiana community have taken the phrase think globally, act locally to a new level this October, and tonight we celebrate that!

The local Indiana Green Movement has seen a lot of growth in the past few years, and to honor those who have contributed to this exciting development, the nonprofit Earth Charter Indiana along with Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne is hosting the Green Lights Celebration for Sustainable Indiana 2016. The event will take place October 28, 7 pm- 9 pm in the Auer Concert Hall on the Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne campus.

The celebration will showcase local ideas and innovations that have had positive impacts on sustainability in the northeast region of Indiana. Those who have had the most impact will be award Green Lights Awards to commend them for their contribution to sustainability in Indiana.

To add to the entertainment for the night, IPFW’s Music Department will be performing. Please join us on this delightful occasion to commemorate those who have done their part to make our world more sustainable.



Kentuckians and a Sustainable Future


The state of Kentucky, like many other states, is caught between a historically vital industry and a sustainable future. Coal is the way of the past and the industry has been engrained itself in Kentucky’s economy for centuries. However, with legislation like the Clean Power Act requiring a shift to renewable, sustainable resources, states are required to either comply with the new federal legislation, or come up with a tailored plan that helps the state to meet the required decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. When Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin indicated no intent in creating such a plan at the outset of his governorship last year, some locals took it into their own hands to come up with a plan that would allow the aspects of the past and the future to work in concert for a sustainable future.  For more information on the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, a grassroots coalition started to represent local special interests that is working towards this sustainable future, please visit: