River Camp 2016

The Allen County Partnership for Water Quality (ACPWQ) is partnering with the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreations Department and the ERC to create this engaging recreational camp, along with several other educational, cultural, and recreational groups and institutions to create a platform to foster enthusiasm for and improve stewardship of our waterways.

River Camp is a day-camp event that will provide a holistic view of waterways, their issues, social dynamics, and overall stewardship while promoting the main concept of engagement and enjoyment.

Aimed at adventurous kids aged 8 – 12, River Camp uses games, activities, lessons, and science (along with the occasional foray onto the river itself) to teach campers about where the rivers come from and where they go, what lives in them, and who can use them.

To sign up, visit the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Dept website, or call them at 260-427-6000. Space is limited and registration closes on June 11th.

See the attached file for more information: River Camp Press Release

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