Nature Discovery Zone to be built near Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

As part of the new Families4Nature initiative, the zoo will be installing a  discovery zone by the Zoo Discovery Center next spring. This nature play area will make use of the small wetland already existing on-site, and will allow children to get hands-on exploration and experience with nature year-round, which represents a new opportunity for many urban children.

Even before the completion of the Nature Discovery Zone, the zoo has announced Families4Nature initiative in collaboration with Little River Wetlands Project and the ERC with a year-long schedule of events and activities hosted by all three organizations. Families can use a Nature Passport which will keep track of points earned by completing outdoor activities or attending these events, which can be used to earn free children’s admission at the zoo and other incentives.

For more information on the new nature play area, visit the News-Sentinel link here.

For more information on Families4Nature, and to download and print a Nature Passport, please visit our Families4Nature tab under our Education section.

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