Environmental Sociology class completes spring tasks

IPFW’s Dr. Sherrie Steiner and her Environmental Sociology students completed their initial investigation into industrial sites and environmental hazards in Blackford County, 50 miles south of Fort Wayne. They generated maps and made videos documenting their efforts.  Here is the link to one of their videos.

The ERC worked with the class to help them collect and depict spatial information using GIS. Here is an example of one of thier products!

Computer generated map of cumulative industrial legacy (1880 - 2015) with various colored markers dotting it and a legend on the bottom

“The mapping expertise that the university brings to this project are a tremendous benefit for the community,” said Dr. Indra Frank, the Hoosier Environmental Council’s environmental health project director.  “This will help us have a clearer picture of possible environmental hazards.” As professor Steiner noted, “This project has been collaboratively designed and implemented with our community partners,” said Sherrie Steiner, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at IPFW.  “I am hoping that this experience will strengthen a sense of civic responsibility and personal efficacy within students and among members of the community as pertains to environmental engagement.”