Plans for Fort Wayne Riverfront Development Revealed

Texas-based SWA Group, the consultants spearheading the riverfront  development project in Fort Wayne, have released a visual draft of their construction goals. The imagery includes anticipated plans, ranging from a riverside promenade to an adventure playground. An online survey open to the public allows locals to rank which project features are most important to them.

Some critics of the riverfront project argue that city water quality issues should take precedence over the riverside changes. Though the development project will not  improve the quality of local river water, it will bring increased attention to this important topic. Additionally,  City Utilities is currently conducting sewer separation projects which should help improve water quality (see below). However, sewage is only part of the problem. Upstream activities, especially those related to farming, also impact our waters.

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Public survey will soon be available here.

Click here for info on sewer separation and water quality.