Eagle Marsh Berm Construction Plans Progressing

Plans to construct a berm at Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve in Fort Wayne are moving forward. The berm will function as a barrier- one to prevent invasive species (primarily Asian carp) from ultimately infiltrating the Great Lakes water system. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources requested companies to bid to undertake the construction project. The DNR is currently reviewing the sole contract offer, from the company Fleming Excavating. If approved, preliminary work could begin as early as this fall.

The berm- essentially a giant dirt mound- will span almost two miles in length, six feet high, and approximately 80 feet wide. During flood events, when the risk of invasive carp crossing waterways is highest, the wall will prevent floodwater from mixing. Engineers must be conscientious of native wildlife during construction, being careful not to disrupt hibernation or reproduction events. This can be accomplished by carefully timing the building process. A small berm currently exists at the marsh. The new project will improve upon past efforts.

(Eagle Marsh- Little River Wetlands Project)